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Cataract of Android updates: Keep, Hangouts and Now on Tap

They just know a lot Google Apps updates and, also, one of the services offered operating system Android . The first include the arrival of new updates for Keep, which used to take notes, as well as Hangouts, which is the messaging application that currently has the Mountain View company. In regards to service, the news reach Now on Tap.

Are going to start with the latter. Get the new options in the functionality that is integrated into Android does not need any discharge, so it must simply wait to it are activated from Google servers in the region in which you are (provided that has support for Now on Tap). The interesting thing is that, from now on, users can select the word or complex to use manual, what is going one step further than the automatic option right now there is.

Nueva selección en Now onTap de Android

Additionally, searches for information come to the images , provided that these are part of Pinterest or shown in the browser itself. This is the option that offers more interest in my opinion because it opens a door in this service of Android that did not exist before (probably with logos, the use is quite common). By the way, it will also be possible to use posters to perform searches, something that is used for, for example, a film data.

The updated applications

Is the first that we speak of Keep , own note-taking offered by Google for Android. To start the interface majora with the inclusion of a left pane (in the web service) that can be seen categories up to the types of notes and reminders that you have saved. In the purest style Inbox.

Nuevo aspecto de Keep en la web

But the really interesting thing becomes globally and that is heading in an Android application, since it now detects if a duplicate note that contains a link to the web – are taking that is actually useful and use Keep already are thanking him. In addition, the service is improved of of Auto of notes (so the its development is more predictive) and, also, which now shows a small preview of the web which is information, if this is the case. Here you can download the installation APK.

Finally, it is Hangouts . This is the messaging application that maintains active Google, waiting for what happens to Allo. The most interesting is that he adds what is known as Direct Share, this allows most commonly used in the menu contacts go in that shows the options to share an image (for example). This obviously saves time.

Nueva versión Hangouts 10 para Android

But there is something more. For example, in Hangouts version 10 for Android is already possible to send invitations to groups through the use of links (this sounds quite right?) and finally now is possible if you want to reduce the size of the images in the talks to save data. Can get it the APK of installation here.

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