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Candy Crush creators working in a Call of Duty mobile

King, developer and responsible for the success of the Candy Crush, wants to expand its portfolio away from sweets and the colorful. King is forming a new team of development in Stockholm to create a new game of the saga Call of Duty for mobile devices.

Call of Duty mobile

King, which a couple of years ago was bought by Activision Blizzard, has posted a job offer on its website. A new team in Stockholm who is working “in a new exciting project”. It is to adapt the legendary Call of Duty saga to a mobile experience. More specifically, as described in the offer of work, is of “create a Call of Duty experience for mobile that transform the mechanics who enjoy and love their fans, breaking and redefining genre on mobile phones”.

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It is not the first time that the famous shooter tries to succeed in mobile devices. Already tried with titles such as Call of Duty: Zombies or Call of Duty: Heroes, among others. However, now, the hand of the King, Activision aims to have your game the same success on phones and tablets than in conventional consoles.

Imagen del jeugo Call of Duty Herores

Candy Crush

They know that successfully adapt this saga is not an easy task. “It is an opportunity and experience so rare as exciting,” ensure themselves in its offer. But if anyone knows of success on mobile games is King. Candy Crush has more than 150 million unique monthly users and more than 50 million daily players. Even, you have your own television show on CBS, which will debut this summer with competition format.

Candy Crush

Classics on your mobile phone

Famous video games and sagas of consoles and PC reach mobile phones to try to achieve the same success. Super Mario Run made him just a few weeks ago with his mobile game although it moves away from the essence of the original game. Also departs from the original Age of Empires saga: Castle Siege, which has reached this week after two years ufncionando Android devices in Windows Phone. A copy of the successful Clash of Clans that has little or nothing to do with the legendary game of the 1990s.

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Among the classics that you can play from your mobile, for example, you’ll also find Ghost N Goblins or Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch, which came during the last month the Google Apps marketplace to coexist with other legendary characters from video games such as Sonic, the blue hedgehog of Sega.

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Consoles adapted for mobile updates you know Niantic. Pokémon Go was launched with an initial success whose daily earnings came to $ 16 million. A huge rush the game augmented reality which you becoming more real way than ever, at an Pokémon trainer. Pokémon Go came to become the most profitable game ever released for mobile phones.

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