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Can iPhone 7 be a rival for the Android of the moment?

Already have date of launch official for the iPhone 7, one of those mobile more expected for the year. Will come to rival with the mobile more important of this year 2016 that have arrived with the system operating Android. However, is for see if in truth the iPhone 7 can be rival of these smartphones. For now, it seems that one of the keys will be the camera but, really iPhone 7 can plant facing the best Android of 2017

The camera will be an improvement

In the invitation sent by Apple to them media is can see it part superior of the logo of Apple, simulated with lights in bokeh, what us leads to think that the iPhone 7 will be a mobile that will highlight especially by your camera. Specifically, refers to a dual camera for the iPhone 7 Plus, and in general an improved module for the camera in the two versions of the mobile. With said module probably we would find with ones photosensors more large, capable of capture more light and, therefore, of get some photographs of a quality upper.

In fact, dual camera would not be a special novelty on the market, since we already have several smartphones that have come to market with a dual camera, as it is the case of Huawei P9, with that certification of Leica camera. In the same line we should Honor 8, and other smartphones that are coming, as the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, for example.

They do not have that dual camera mobile as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, the great Chamber of these mobile makes it really complicated that 7 iPhone to compete with these. Regarded as the best mobile camera in the market, we’ll see if Apple is able to respond to this and the other large mobile cameras in the market. Did in the past, and does not seem that that is going to change much. We will see.

iPhone 7

More RAM

Something that Yes we will see in the iPhone 7 new will be more memory RAM. Specifically, is speaking already of a memory RAM of 3 GB. Nor is anything new on the market. In fact, it is something that demanded long for the Apple mobile. A memory of 3 GB of RAM in the iPhone, with the performance of iOS, will be already something quite interesting, but even so will continue to being lower to the capacity of the memory RAM of many smartphones of the market, that already are in them 4 GB. Refers to any this year reaching the 8 GB, and already at the end of this year we will see the 6 GB to become standard. One does not wait the 7, the most expensive iPhone, having half of RAM memory.

Almost the same design

There will be an especially remarkable renewal in the design of the smartphone. Is amended the form of the antennas, happen to be a mobile something more fine, and perhaps more light, but us will find with the same mobile that has identified to them iPhone from makes years. Will check in missing a renewal of the design of the mobile, and more when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already is has released in a unique version with screen curve. We found with a design beautiful in the mobile of Samsung, and with an iPhone that continues being equal that the of makes some years…

The shortcomings of iOS

Finally, should talk about some shortcomings with that will come the mobile as a mobile Apple. The company has had a very concrete policy with iOS, and that has continued with their devices. For example, you have seen with the amount of memory with which has the mobile. Very little for what is a smartphone of high level. Even though pass to being of 32 GB the version more basic, is little. It worse is that not is can expand by means of microSD, by what those photos of high quality with which will have, will have that store is in the memory internal, or in the cloud, which also costs more money. For me, is an of the shortcomings more important of the iPhone. And not seems that a new go to be the compatibility with the cards microSD, or much less.

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