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Calls WhatsApp does success: 100 million per day

It is clear that talking about WhatsApp in Spain is to speak of an app’s success. In fact, maybe not so in other countries like the United States, but in ours, where is the most widely used of all media. While so far appeared that your function calls could not compete with the messages, it seems that in reality if it is doing well. There are 100 million calls a day.

Calls with WhatsApp

One of the most important features to be able to make calls via WhatsApp is that calls are free. In other words, we don’t have to pay for them beyond what they have to pay for having a data rate in our smartphone. Of course, we will be consuming our rate data.

Whatever it is, although it might seem that WhatsApp calls are not used much, and certainly that are not so successful as the function of messages, the company has announced some figures that were really good, reaching 100 million calls around the world, and is, therefore, becoming a rival of any mobile operator. These 100 million calls a day match in turn 1,100 calls per second that are made, really good numbers and confirming that gradually function calls is being assimilated by the users. If someday all those users that use the messages will also call for WhatsApp, undoubtedly the mobile operators would have a serious problem.

WhatsApp Logo Portada

And it is that in countries such as the India or Brazil, the two major markets of WhatsApp, 95% and 94% of the users of smartphones in these countries use the messaging app, which means that almost everyone who has a mobile phone, has a WhatsApp. Something similar happens in Spain. And the only countries in which not so are those who have an app that came before and replace it, or countries in which has been more successful Facebook Messenger, such as United States, or the own SMS, have become free for longer, although they remain areas in which WhatsApp has much presence.

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