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Buy Umidigi Z Pro, the high-end dual camera, for 250 euros

Can you believe that the unique mobile high-end interesting are those of popularity, but know that it is not so when you know the Umidigi Z Pro, a mobile high range with dual camera with a price of 250 euros.

High-level dual camera

Few mobile, not to say none, you’ll find the technical features of this Umidigi Z Pro with a similar price. Its quality/price ratio is virtually unbeatable. And if there is something that mainly emphasize on this Smartphone is its dual camera. It’s one of the few Chinese mobile with a relatively affordable price that integrates a dual, camera that is of good quality.

Umidigi Z Pro

In this case, it’s a unit composed of two sensors manufactured by Sony, with a resolution of 13 megapixels each. One of them is RGB, so it captures the color image. While the other is monochrome, capturing the image in black and white, and getting more data from the light. The same technology that used the mobile Huawei developed in collaboration with Leica cameras.

Umidigi Z Pro

But the Umidigi Z Pro is not only a mobile phone that stands out by its dual camera but it is also a mobile phone that boasts a number of high-end features. For example, your processor is the MediaTek helium 27 ten-core X, who is accompanied by a RAM of 4 GB. Its 5.5 inch screen, resolution Full HD, including 3,780 mAh battery, which will offer a quite remarkable autonomy.

Buy it now for 250 euros

Umidigi Z Pro is on sale through distributors from today itself. Its original price is $300. But until the end of March you can get the phone with a discounted rate. It will cost $250, so it can get for about 250 euros. A considerably economical price for a high range, which is capable of competing with the best mobile market mobile.

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