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Buy now your OnePlus 3T, immediate shipping in Europe

It has taken, since it arose officially until it is finally available for the users. We talked about the OnePlus 3T. Now you can buy in Europe with immediate shipping. I.e., you buy it now, and they send it you, not as so far, which had to wait a considerable time.

OnePlus 3T, buy without an invitation?

If something became famous OnePlus was precisely by the fact that their mobile could only be achieved by means of invitation. Technical characteristics of high range and an economical price to make the mobile much in demand. This in turn made that never had enough units for all the users that wanted to buy the phone. With the first version of the mobile, and the second took place. It seemed that that invitations had been completed with OnePlus 3. To acquire this an invitation did not need. However, they soon to get the problems of production, as the rhythm was not enough as to meet the demand.

OnePlus 3T Camara

To solve that was launched a new version of mobile, the OnePlus 3T, with some enhanced technical features and a slightly higher price. In theory nor invitation was needed, but wait until the shipping time was long. I.e., if you wanted a mobile already, not was a great option. Until now.

OnePlus 3T with immediate shipping

And is that from today, the OnePlus 3T now available with immediate shipping. That means that if you buy it today, it will come in a few days. The smartphone has a recio from 430 euros in its most basic version. And no, there is another version available. You can even buy it at your Gold version, which is out of stock at the moment. This means that you can only buy the grey version. In addition, neither is available the 128 GB version, so nor expect to have it. However, the OnePlus 3T in grey and 64 GB is a fairly balanced mobile, so it is a great choice if you are looking for a smartphone with the best technical features, with a good price, and now with immediate shipping.

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