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Brands of mobile that will refuse to die

If today we were to search the Mobile brands that are available in the market, we would not have time for a full day of mentioning them all. However, there are some that have died, have returned to the market, or they are about to die but refuse to do so. Here are five examples.


It is perhaps the most notable example. Nokia has died twice. The first was when the company could not compete with the arrival of smartphones with Android. He lost so much market, eventually reaching an agreement with Microsoft so its mobile Windows Phone available. A mistake, because Windows Phone also died. After Microsoft bought Nokia, and left from using the brand. Here Nokia died. Eventually, Microsoft lost the rights on the Nokia mark own brand recovered them, and they are now going to launch mobile Nokia again. They will be Android and it will be the year that comes when they will arrive. The first would be the Nokia E1, a mobile very cheap. Although they also prepare an flagship as the Nokia P.

Nokia C9 Portada


A different case is that of BlackBerry. Although it resembles the Nokia in some keys. They also decided to bet on your operating system, believing that they had options on iOS and Android. Realized, and they decided to move to Android. They have pursued without success because it was very difficult to recover market betting only on the QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry mobile phones keep coming to have licensed the brand to another company, but are nothing more than that, a brand. And unfortunately, there are so many possibilities for these to Nokia.


The Alcatel case is very similar to the BlackBerry. Basically, because the company that manufactures the smartphones and uses Alcatel brand to market is the same that now manufactures mobile phones and uses the BlackBerry brand. In fact, it is the same company, but which uses the brand of these because it has more relevance. For practical purposes, the mark is dead, but are used to sell mobile. Smartphones that, in many cases, quite resemble other models on the market because they do not offer anything special.

Moto M Lifestyle


Quite the opposite is the case of Motorola. The company lost so much market, and already seemed bankrupt when Google bought it. He began to launch mobile that looked almost like Nexus of mid-range. The G bike have had great success. So much that a company like Lenovo decided to buy Motorola. The company was going to get rid of the company to finally be Lenovo. I was left only with the motorcyclebrand. But the success that continue to have these mobile has come to if Lenovo decides to stop selling phones with your brand and sell them with the Motobrand. Indeed, the division of mobile that bought of the company is that is has been as division of smartphones final of Lenovo. And you only have to look at some of the releases that have continued to have great success, since the new Moto G4, until the bike 360, which have perhaps been more with Android Wear smart watches sold.

LeEco Le 2 Rosa


Unlike the previous, LeEco is new generation. You can say that it is one of the companies making best designs for their phones, despite being mobile Chinese. They take care of every detail. They have their own futuristic bike, and work in an electric vehicle. But they have economic problems. So it seems that they will not be able to survive. Even so, their phones keep coming. Maybe you don’t know them, but LeEco is one of the brands of mobile best quality Chinese that exist right now.

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