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Book a Samsung Galaxy to 2017 and bring a headset Bluetooth

It will be on February 3, when the new Samsung Galaxy to 2017 will be officially on sale. However, mobile phones already can be booked at the official store of Samsung, which is also interesting if you’re going to buy because you’ll get a few Bluetooth headsets for about 80 euros.

Samsung Galaxy to 2017

Although there are three phones that arose from the new family of smartphones Samsung Galaxy to 2017, only two of them will arrive in Spain, the most relevant for our market, because they are range average, lagging that of highest level out of our market, since it cannot compete with the Samsung Galaxy S7, despite having a different price , so it seems logical.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Rosa

The new Samsung Galaxy to 2017 are mobile they stand out very much. Both Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 feature a design of the flagship, with a metal frame and housings in glass-like. In addition, the screens in both cases feature Super AMOLED technology, being one of 5.2 inches and another 4.7-inch screen. Separately, the two mobile phones present water resistance certification IP68 which, even though it is not stated that they are submersible, should be able to submerge in water without problems for half an hour to a maximum depth of one meter. All this without forgetting us nor of the connectivity NFC that makes that the platform of payments Mobile Samsung Pay, already available in Spain, can be used with these mobile.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Negro

The two mobile phones will arrive on sale officially on February 3, but if we reserve them now we can get gift a Samsung Bluetooth headset with an original price of about 80 euros, for what could be a good option to get an extra product that tends to be much more expensive.

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