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Bike Z2 waiting the new bike Mods: leaked some models

During the last days we have known more details through rumors and leaks the Z2 Moto and Moto Z2 Play. A renewed high range of Motorola that will come with the differentiation of its well-known modules, the Mods bike. Now, a leak shows some of the next bike Mods for Z2.

Motorcycle Mods

A video leaked on the Google page + hellomotoHK lets see will be like some of the new accessories for the Motorola phones. A case that turns the phone into a Polaroid camera that can print photos, a module that allows you to connect the phone to LEGO creations, a casing with lights, a module that adds four slots SIM card to the phone, or an infinite number of possibilities, housings, and different models. But the new Mods are also designed big, it seems, and include a dock for the tablet, a virtual reality device and a great appliance load that would, as you can see in the images, load several Mods and phones at the same time.

Moto Mods Moto Z2

Mods system is very simple and original. Modules have magnets that can connect to the phone quickly and remove it whenever you do not need without turning the phone off and on. Terminal recognizes and automatically adjusts. They are compatible with all Motorola Z models and allow an infinite number of options. Currently, there are modules that function as a projector, as speakers, as extra battery to improve the autonomy or as camera, for example.

Moto Mods Moto Z2

Z2 bike and bike Z2 Play

The Z2 motorcycle and bike Z2 Play will be betting the high range of the brand this year. The bike Z2 appeared just a few days ago , confirming the module of the brand system. While it is just rumours and there is no official data for the moment, in images that appeared the back of the new phone could be. Notably, its dual camera (something new in high-end Motorola or Lenovo phones) and how could it be otherwise, its continuous commitment to mods.

Bike Z2 Play will arrive as a more economical version of flagship. As the top model, it will have modules system but this time there will be no dual camera. A phone that promises a lot of battery and that seems to be a perfect choice for watching movies and series or to play, with great autonomy and taking advantage of the use of the modules.

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