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Bicolor phones could be the new trend of the market

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched today, and one of the versions that has been presented is the Blue Coral. Is a version that combines two colors, one for the smartphone and one for the frame, colors very contrasting. And bi-color phones could be the new trend of the market.

Forgetting the classics

For a time, mobiles and classic colors were what was. In fact, the iPhone came first in black, and then in white, until we saw them two typical versions in monochrome. Something similar happened with the Samsung, in two colors main. Later we get to see phones in a dark blue version, which replaced the black version. However, it took little to view the version of black color, next to the version of dark blue and white. The arrival of the mobile metal made that the latter would become plated. And with metallic, also became a color that long has been a standard, the dorado. Along with the gold, we have also seen the pink gold color. And in general, today it is possible to see the mobile in all possible colors.¬†Sony has already launched mobile high-end coral and green color. We’ve seen moving in a variety of colors. But now it seems that the new trend may be bicolor, phones with two color finishes.

Samsung Azul Coral

Blue and coral

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could be setting a precedent on one of versions of the mobile phone that has presented today. In total, he has released four versions. Three of them will be available from launch, and one more, the Golden, it is not known when it will be launched. There are, however, of the three versions that will be available from the launch, two classics, the silver or white and the black, and another one, the blue. But it is not a standard blue version, is a blue version featuring coral color for details. In fact, called Blue Coral, that is its official name.

Smartphone design is also composed by a rear glass, with a front housing glass, being the metal frame. All the glass is dark blue, while the metal frame is colored coral, a kind of pink gold, but which tends more to the red. Not just female, so it is perfectly a mobile to anyone, and the finish of the smartphone is really striking.

It is not the first mobile bicolor

In reality, it is not the first smartphone bicolor. We had seen some similar idea in my Xiaomi Pad 2, for example, the tablet of Xiaomi, launched in black, framed in gold, and all the details in this color. And the same can be said of the Samsung Galaxy A5. The same applies to this smart phone. And the finish in all cases is really good and really striking.

A new trend?

However, the truth is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is already another story. We are talking about a flagship of Samsung, which already relies on this two-tone design, and it is likely that other companies follow the same path that Samsung and launch mobile with these designs. In fact, already rumored that the new iPhone 7 could in more colors than the previous Mobile Apple. If so, I would not be rare for that we soon saw a two-color version, or something like that. It could become the new trend in the design of smart phones.

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