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Batman The Telltale Series on Android already available to download

A wait that lasted almost three months finally comes to its end. Batman The Telltale Series on Android is now available for download carrying the latest adventure of the bat all smartphones with support Google’s operating system.

The latest adventure of the famous developer Telltale Games, who already have Android hits like The Walking Dead, Minecraft Story Mode or game of Thrones games, focuses on the delicate relationship between Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego, Batman. After his arrival in desktop consoles finally game can be downloaded from Google Play Store free.

Batman The Telltale Series to Android appears immediately after the publication of the third episode for iOS, but it comes with the advantage that the first episode of Telltale Games title does not require any investment by the players, that is passed with the operating system from Apple.

captura batman a telltale series

Batman The Telltale Series, episode 1

There is that remember that all the works of Telltale have a point in common, that not is another that its structure episodic. Them games of the company, to difference of others successes as Pokemon GO, tend to lengthen is near 7 u 8 chapters of some two hours of duration each one and each episode has a cost, although is can acquire packs with several of them for save some euros.

The first episode of Batman The Telltale Android Series can be downloaded for free. In the it history us puts in the skin of Batman trying to of prevent a mugging, but not is the unique character of the comics that is will walk by this episode, since Catwoman and Harvey Dent “two faces” also will appear in this first episode of the game of Telltale.

The game is only compatible with devices Android 6.0 Marshmallow or devices with the previous version, Android 5.0 Lollipop but with support for OpenGL 3.1. The free download includes the first episode of Batman The Telltale Series, while the four remaining episodes can be purchased through the application.

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