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Basic Android: what is and how to use Android Beam

For some time the functionality Android Beam is present in many mobile devices that use Google’s operating system. But, curiously, this possibility is not used by users on a regular basis, either by the ignorance of its existence or simply not knowing how to use it. We will tell you everything you need to know about.

Basically, Android Beam allowing is to share files wirelessly within walking distance in a very simple way (rather than Bluetooth, for example). This is done because there is use to NFC, being this connectivity essential for the use of the tool of which we speak. The case is that bringing the two terminals, communication is established and if the process is confirmed, in a matter of short time this ends.


The first thing you have to do and if, as we have started, your device is compatible with NFC – which serves to do more than make payments-, is Activate Android Beam to use it. This is not complicated and you have to do the following:

  • You can access the terminal settings
  • Now depending on the model you have is Android Beam at one place or another (in which they have the development of Google just unchanged is in the section of networks and connections (in the Galaxy will find it in payment and NFC))
  • Now, simply activate the NFC connectivity and, then, do the same with Android Beam. Simple

Use of Android Beam

As we have indicated this is most simple since you must simply bring the two devices when you display the file that you want to share, as for example an image (if fault at first test in different positions, since you must detect where each model antenna NFC).

Uso de Android Beam

When there is a connection you will hear a sound and see a message on-screen confirmation, give you use by clicking on this for Android beam begins to work. Then you will see a label in which is the advancement of the process and simply must wait until. By the way: this feature can only be used if both devices are unlocked.

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