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Basic Android: get a copy of security of the configuration of your Android

On Android is includes a tool of backup serving they have stashed some of most important configurations that are set, such as those of accessibility or the known password of WiFi networks. You indicate how to do this manually in phones and tablets.

It first that you must know is that with the copy of security that is can do by default with Android not is saved data as, for example, them photographs or the musical that is has in the terminal (for this there is that resort to any application additional). Therefore, speak only of making a backup of the most important configurations, which is useful for if you’re with a new form devices fast ys ASY you have as the replaced.


What you have to do

The following are the steps that must be taken to make the backup of which we are speaking, something for so you don’t have to resort to additional development one and that, as we have indicated, is the most simple carry out the process since it is automated to a large extent.

Then indicate how set that is make it mentioned synchronization of the configuration of your Android and, then, how restore it:

Synchronize important information

  • You can access the system settings and select accounts
  • Now press in Google and see activating the slider of each an of them options that want that is keep them data
  • We recommend that it is missing data from applications, contacts and Gmail. The case is that the information is stored in the cloud and is accessed to the register your account

Cuentas en los Ajustes Android

Restores the backup of security

  • Back in the settings, access the section called backup and restoration
  • Set to if the option to copy my data and activates the Autorestore slipper
  • Made this, the information that is has synchronized is responsible of the cloud to the terminal that you have between hands

Restaurar copia de seguridad en Android

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