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Avoid traffic jams at Easter with these applications

With the arrival of Easter also arrive vacations, breaks drive and continuous traffic jams to the output and input of the cities. Smartphones have become good partners of drivers. In the markets of applications can be found some apps that help to avoid endless queue. Avoid traffic jams at Easter with these applications:

One of the most popular applications for traffic is Waze. The application, free, available in practically all Spanish and European cities and create a collaborative map of traffic, charted by the users themselves. This map will allow you to choose the best route before leaving the House or to take a detour in case on the planned route is displayed a sudden jam.

The application allows you to plan your trip before you leave, seeing what time tends to accumulate more traffic in a given area and thus try to avoid it. From the section of the application “trips planned” you can find how to create the route, by entering the destination. Waze will show you graphs of traffic depending on the hours of departure so that you arrive on time.

Interfaz de Waze

Waze, also helps you and allows you to choose between the options so that you reach your destination faster. The application allows you to choose between types of route and you voice guidance if necessary. If you know the path, however, podras disable indications and make the application you only report incidents, jams, accidents or any type of alert.

If you wait at the destination, Waze lets you share in real time the exact place where you are without that the recipient has installed the app. This will allow to follow your journey in real time to know when to come and, in many cases, to avoid unnecessary concerns.

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Beyond of Waze, the own General Directorate of traffic has its own free application that allows you to record routes and save them. The DGT app offers alarm buzzers in case of traffic jams or incidents for change of route in time and avoid the queues. In addition, the app lets see traffic thanks to the cameras installed by the DGT on all points of the roads as well as gives information about the radar that we can find.

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Another option for planning the trip is the app of RACC, Infotransit. The application allows to point out on the map car parks, petrol stations, fixed radars or traffic cameras that will allow you to get organized before you go out and know where to stop. It has useful information and practice before leaving if you don’t know the road that you are going to travel and has registered thousands of gas stations throughout Spain which includes prices, distance, or phones that need to get, among others. It offers through colors and real-timeensidad of the traffic and the congestion that you can find. You can also consult a traffic forecast in the next few minutes.

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