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Avoid that to the installed apps appear in the screen of home

Application shortcuts are very useful but can collapse your homescreen. You’ve devoted time to sort the applications that you use most and take the phone to your liking. But as soon as you install a new one, Google takes care of automatically add one icon more. If like to keep the order in your home, here goes a brief trick to avoid that to the install apps appear in the screen of home.

Is very simple and you will take less than 3 minutes. Is it you can recommend to who will buy a new smartphone and stay as an expert because you save you the drudgery of go deleting icons from home when you have finished install apps on your mobile. Is a nuisance if not you are of which wants to have all the applications that used in the screen of home. The setting is called “Add icon to the home screen” and is very easy to disable.

How to avoid to install apps appear in the home screen

Grab your phone and open Google Play. In the upper right corner you have the icon with three horizontal bars to display the Options menu. When it is open, you are looking for at the bottom until you find the “Settings”option.

desactivar los iconos de Google Play

Not have to explore much between the different settings. The second option that find is that we are looking for: “Add icon to the screen of home”. Note that under you warns of that this option by default only is directed to the new applications that go to install. Well, click in the text box green of the right- that will be green and with the tip- to disable them.

iconos de Google Play

It is now ready! Precisely, what we have achieved is that the icons of installed apps do not believe in the home screen. You might wonder and I get to the app? Don’t worry, these icons are waiting for you in the box with all the applications you have installed on your mobile.

Try installing a new application and you’ll see how the new icon no longer appears in the home. If you have changed idea or you are reorganizing your smartphone shortcuts there is no problem. Seeks the icon that like return to the screen of home, keep it pressed and drag it to place it in the place that want.

Does not seem very useful that Google Play has enabled this setting by default because it adds nothing positive to the user experience. At AndroidAyuda we offer tips and hints so that users of Android devices can maximise and enjoy all the possibilities offered by this operating system.

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