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Arranges the problem “device of diffusion not connected” in Android

If you are using the Facebook application on a regular basis, you may have noticed as in recent days, when trying to view a video of the social network on your smartphone Android appears a notification of “diffusion device not connected” in the terminal. It worst of all is that, although closures it application, this message is is fixed and not there is form apparent of eliminate it.

Since few days ago we discovered at different terminals, either a LG, Samsung or Xiaomi, to enter the Facebook app from the smartphone and try to watch a video automatically appears a message in the notifications panel of Android where warning of a “broadcasting device not connected“. This notice is being caused by a bug in the way that Facebook play videos.

Dispositivo de Difusión

When playing a video, the notification appears with two buttons that do not work and cannot be deleted, unless you force the closing of the application. Apparently the problem is that the application is of connect with a device as a Chromecast or a simple Smart TV with technology Wi-Fi or DLNA, but neither connects nor makes really nothing.

Apparently is is of an error with the version of the application of Facebook, but the problem not is present in the version beta of the same, specifically the version Therefore, if you want to delete “diffusion device not connected” notification can download the beta from this link to replace your original Facebook app. As alternative, also you can download the version simplified of the network social Facebook Lite

WP-Appbox: Facebook Lite (Free, Google Play) →

Disables notifications from Facebook

Since the problem with the notification “device of diffusion not connected” lies in the application of Facebook, there is another form of give end to this error. Basically you have to disable the social network notifications from the terminal settings. So you can access your device settings, and in the notifications section, disabled the Facebook app.

This option will do not receive this notification or any other social network, so if you want to consult the innovations that occur in Facebook, you will have to enter manually service

The article manages the “Diffusion device not connected” problem on Android was published in AndroidAyuda.

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