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Are how many chances you get a Shiny Pokémon GO?

It is not a new version of the game. In reality, that you play for some time, you will know perfectly that a Pokémon Shiny is a special version of a Pokemon in a different color than the original. We have seen a Golden Magikarp, and a Red Gyarados. However, what are the chances of being one of those users who show off a Shiny Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Shiny

It is one of those small improvements that make the game follow still having some features that make it interesting, despite the fact that long ago that many users stopped playing, and many found the game how repetitive. However, it is now possible to get a Pokémon Shiny, which could be called in Spanish of erroneously as shiny Pokemon, and whose translation into our language throughout the different games has been Pokemon Winona. So far we have seen two, flips, and its evolution, the Gyaradosin Golden and red, respectively (the originals are red and blue for each of them). However, soon they will come more. The question is, is it possible to get one of these Pokémon Shiny? And if so, how long would take us?

1 of 400

According to statistics recently obtained, it has been estimated there is 1 chance of 400 for the Pokemon that appears to be Shiny. And when we say 1 out of 400, we actually say that we have 1 possibility of 400 that the Magikarp that is going to come out, be gold instead of red. I.e. that it is remarkably complex to get it.

Well, actually not so much if compared with the possibilities that we have to get a Shiny in any other edition of Pokemon, approximately 1 8000. 20 times more complex.

With different events might be easier to get a Pokemon Winona. For example, the event where he appeared more Pokemon water, had as a result the appearance of more flips and Gyarados, only two that now have Shiny version. However, when it is something widespread, will be a matter of chance that the Shiny, appear not to search in any way. Even so, with the large number of users of the game, 65 million active users according to Niantic, it is not difficult to see them even in the gyms.

The article do have many possibilities of getting a Shiny Pokémon GO? It was published in AndroidAyuda.

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