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Appears the Z2 motorcycle with modular design and dual camera

The Bike Z2 will come once again to be the only Smartphone that is considering the future of modular phones is possible. The smartphone has now released confirming this modularity, as well as having a dual camera. Its design is similar to the G5 bike.

New bike Z2

It must be said at the moment it is just rumors, and no official data about the launch of the mobile, by what can not talk about defining features. However, it seems that it is quite likely that the mobile will be as you can see in the picture that accompanies this article. The two features that stand out are the modularity of the smartphone, and the dual camera. One of them is novelty, because so far the mobile high-end Motorola or Lenovo had had no dual camera. Other feature highlights on the other hand, not being new. Rather, it is the continuity of a feature present in the former flagship of Lenovo. And it is that the bike Z2 will also be a mobile modular, such and as is clear by the connector that includes into the bottom of the rear housing of the mobile.

Moto Z2

This means that it will probably compatible with the Bike Mods that have been released so far, which already arose for the original Moto Z, and those who have been coming since arose it. Good news for users who bought the Moto Z, because they can buy a new mobile phone that is still compatible with modules that already had.

Similar to the G5 bike

Also seen in this photo of the bike Z2 is the great similarity in design that has with the G5 bike, thanks to which we can have an idea clear what will be the design that we can identify to Lenovo and Motorola mobiles in the following generations. It especially highlights the core of the camera, integrated in a circle, with two sensors within this circle, and flash in the lower section of the same.

The fingerprint reader would be on the front of the phone, a button under the screen, and this bike Z2 would remain a very fine mobile, thanks to which we can use bike Mods without the mobile becomes too large.

The article appears the Z2 bike with dual camera and modular design was published in AndroidAyuda.

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