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Appears the possible design of the Sony Xperia X (2017)

Starts the year 2017, and with the home of the year comes a new opportunity for all those manufacturers that not have had a 2016’s many successes, as is the case of HTC, or Sony, for example. It appears now, what could be the possible design of the Sony Xperia X (2017), the great new smartphone that the company could launch very soon.

Sony Xperia X (2017)

The image that has appeared does not seem to be a false image, nor a render created by a designer, but rather the photograph that would be the new smart phone case. Obviously, this is what it seems, but it would not have to be a real image of the definitive mobile. There are several reasons that make us think that it will be so, and that seems to be a fairly realistic design. We see very classic lines in mobile phones from Sony, with some pretty sharp edges, and although it seems the side bezels, and even the vertical are reduced, they continue to exist, which is what the final we are seeing in all mobile phones coming to market. A dose of realism against “mobile without bevels” messages.

Nuevo Sony Xperia X

On the other hand, the appearance of the interface of the mobile also fits much with the appearance that gives Sony to them mobile, although with a style renovated for what would be the new generation of smartphones.

More beyond of this we found with a message, “New Sony Xperia X“. The name of the flagship of the last year, it would retain although it would not opt for using numeric designations to differentiate between versions. What to my seem is a success because already was complex before count all the versions different and know what was the more recent and when is had released them earlier. If the end users will have to look at in detail the features of the phone, at least so they will not be found with 6 different smartphones.

The Greatness

And then seem to have a message that says “#TheGreatness”. The greatness. Well, we cannot expect that the mobile manufacturer says its smartphones is not the best in the world. Although it must be said that in general the big mobile Sony tend to be of good quality, with a photographic level and a very high image quality, so it would not be anything unusual that users who purchase this mobile, if really cast, think it is the best smartphone on the market.

Whatever it is, for the time being we don’t know when the mobile phone could launch. Us strange to think you canarrive in the CES 2017. Would be likely in a situation normal, but Sony not has made no announcement of a possible launch, nor has been leaks earlier, by what is strange that the ship logo is lance in the event of United States. Perhaps at the Mobile World Congress in February, or a single event of presentation for this mobile.

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