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Appears the Honor 8 Lite, another rather than compete in the range medium

We have been a few mid-range mobile launched this year 2017 and that it is ending the first month of January. But still have that add other than will come to rival with them others, as is the case of the Honor 8 Lite, a version simplified of the mobile with camera dual released the year last.

Honor 8 Lite

He Honor 8 was the smartphone of range high that was launched the year last low the second brand of Huawei, Honor. The smartphone was notable for its high level design, its latest generation and above all by its dual camera processor. Recently the company has released several mobile of range media very interesting, as is the case of the Honor 6 X, with camera dual, and of the Huawei P8 Lite 2017, a reissue of one of them mobile more sold of those last years. And now comes another mid-range, that also uses one of the names of more success on the market. It is of the Honor 8 Lite.

Honor 8 Lite

We know little of the mobile, and we only have two images of how the smart phone. Confirms us that mobile design will be similar to the the previous Honor 8 Although the rear housing is not so there are several features that we can not confirm, as the full glass design, and dual camera. If integrates dual camera, that Yes, probably will be similar to the honour of 6 X, with a more basic than that of Honor 8 technology. We see that a sleeve type official book and adapted to the smartphone to perfection that it would be an ideal choice for users who not only want to buy a mobile phone, they want something more complete.

However, we do not know or processor will have, or the screen resolution, or the RAM. We now only see that the mobile will resemble much Honor 8. And that Yes, this Honor 8 Lite will feature a microUSB port. Actually, probably count with a chassis and some components of any other mobile of Huawei, integrated in the design of the Honor 8. In any case, with a low price could be a good option in the middle range.

The article appears Honor 8 Lite, another that he will compete in the middle range was published in AndroidAyuda.

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