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Appears in the network a new real photograph of the Nano Mix my Xiaomi

After meeting the specifications and the amazing design of Xiaomi my Mix, looks are put in the new high-end models that the company will launch in the coming months. Before the new Mi 6 Xiaomi, we should know the Nano Mix my Xiaomi, device that a few hours ago has become to be viewed on the.

Another image of the version Compact of the Xiaomi my Mix is has left see supported in the seat of some medium of transportation showing the reflection of the mascot of the manufacturer Chinese. Little more we can say to warn of the design of the Nano Mix my Xiaomi that reply as seen on the Mix my Xiaomi although in a reduced and more convenient format.


Is expected that this new model of the company that would look a panel of 5.5 inches in a body lower to the of the current Xiaomi Mi5, could see the light the first week of the month that comes, making is in one of them best gifts for this Christmas.

This new image accompanies other leaks on the device that we have been able to meet in recent days where we have for example able to compare the new Xiaomi my Nano Mix with the original Mix my Xiaomi. These are the images:


What we know of the Xiaomi my Mix Nano?

He smartphone Xiaomi my Mix Nano would continue the line of design of the Xiaomi my Mix original, i.e., eliminate almost by full them bezels of the screen for show a ratio of screen top to the 90% respect to the body of the phone.  As say, if in that smartphone the screen reached them 6.4 inches, is more than likely that the new device reduce the display until the 5.5 inch.

More beyond of this design, the specifications internal of the my Mix Nano would give form to an authentic terminal of range high thanks to the inclusion of the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 that already this present in some models of the signature as the My Note 2 or the Xiaomi my 5s. The size of the RAM would go to 4 or 6 GB while storage break the 64 GB capacity.

The next weeks, when the Xiaomi my Mix Nano is official, will check if all these features finally are which give form to the phone of the brand.

The article appears in the network a new photography real of the Xiaomi my Mix Nano is published at AndroidAyuda.

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