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Android or will automatically activate the WiFi when it detects a saved network

Often we forget to connect the button of enabled WiFi Phone to get home. When we realized, it is usually too late and we downloaded large files, we have seen videos and we have consulted all the social networks. The outcome is none other than qwithout mobile phone data uedarnos. Android or want to get solution to this common dismissal and could include a feature that automatically activate the WiFi connection if you are near a network that you have previously saved on your mobile. Although disconnected manually WiFi Phone tab, this will return to work by itself when it detects a saved network.

If we deactivate the WiFi connection to go out onto the street, it will reactivate Sunto get to work, home, or anywhere else that frequent and whose password is registered on your mobile phone. Google is able to carry out this function thanks to its geo-positioning through WiFi networks: knows where are the router connected and our mobile phone, by what will know if we are getting close or not one of these known networks.

It is a characteristic that has already been seen from the preview for developers of Android O. The function appears in the settings menu of the new Android or, in the sections of the WiFi preferences (within the network and Internet Preferences). Although, for the time being, it is disabled and will have to wait for next updates to be able to check its operation. Among the possibilities of WiFi on Android or preferences also has been seen an option that will be notified in case of an open network of high quality. Although this option, like the previous one, also is disabled.

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Android or

The new version of Google’s operating system was unveiled a few weeks ago and will come with best significant. One of the affected parties will be the autonomy of phones, which will improve thanks to the new features of Android or to extend the duration of the battery. Among them, for example, to disable battery consumption of any applications that are in the background in the mobile.

Android or also include PIP, allowing you to play videos while we use another application. This will allow that comment videos in messaging applications or take notes of tutorials or lectures.

Also there will be changes in the notifications, which are grouped by channel, showing in a way more organized and cleaner with the arrival of Android O. Notifications, moreover, may be suspended easily over a period of time.

Android 7.1.2

Google still has not provided the exact date in which the new operating system will be available and will begin its deployment. Until it arrives, however, many users may conform to version 7.1.2 Android, which has begun deploying this week and which will be the first Google devices: Nexus and Pixel. The update comes with new interesting features like alerts in the use of the battery or the incorporation of gestures of the fingerprint on 5 Nexus and Nexus 6 p scanner X.

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