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Android or, the 6 new features that we hope

Android or will be the new version that is presented very probably in the Google I/o 2017. As always, it will come with developments in relation to the previous version. What are these new developments that really we hope with Android or?

1.-Google Assistant, of truth

With the Google Pixel, the company also announced its smart wizard, Google Assistant. But this only speaks English and German. We thought that the updates to the rest of the world would come before, but the truth is that they fail. And leaving little time for the Google I/O 2017 and for the announcement of Android or, not would be already nothing strange that them new languages arrived with the new version of the system operating.

Android 8.0 Oreo

2 topics

While others manufacturers have integrated them themes for to change the appearance of them mobile easily in their interfaces of the system, Google not has decided that is can change the appearance of the interface of Android of form native. Perhaps that would be a major innovation. Moreover, it is possible that if Google launched the possibility of changing the themes with ease, the manufacturers decided to less customize their phones. Either way, unless it is necessary that the mobile Google Pixel, the Nexus, the Android One, and those who have Android Stock, have the possibility of changing themes.

3.-un Android Wear self-contained

Not has both that see with Android or, but rather all the contrary. With Android, we should forget that the operating system of your mobile phone is relevant for our smart clock. Smart Watches have to be autonomous, and a great way to do this is getting that Android or has their own version for watches. The idea is that the clocks do not rely on smartphones.

4. better management of hardware

It is not logical to talk about mobile with 8 GB memory RAM when the best iPhone in 3 GB of RAM. And it is not because Apple mobiles are worse, because the optimization of hardware is superior. The Android we have more power, but it is necessary to optimize the hardware, so these components are still able to reach higher levels of performance.

Android Logo

5 phones that become PC

Samsung DeX will be the accessory with which it will be possible to convert the Samsung Galaxy S8 in a computer. Forget about having a PC. You connect Samsung DeX, a keyboard, a monitor, and to work on big screen. Great for those who have a Samsung Galaxy S8. But shouldn’t need much more to make this possible with any mobile. Android or should include this function of shape native, because could change the world of the computer.

6.-updates more simple

But of little us will be worth all the others if our mobile not is van to update. We want new versions more easy of install in our mobile. Perhaps not is possible with Android or, but yes is possible that in Android or begin to create the structure for the following update not depend on both of them manufacturers, and them users can install with more easily a new version of the system operating.

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