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Android or already has a possible release date

But don’t let talk about the arrival of upgrading to the new version 7.0 Android smartphones different Nougat, the truth is that already soon we can start to talk about Android or, which will be the version which will be launched this year. And it is that he has a possible date of release, or at least, a filing date.

Android or

We already know that Android will be using names according to the letters of the alphabet to their new versions. Not know if called Android 7.2 or Android 8.0 to the new version, but yes know that the name will be a sweet that will start by the letter or. So we are talking about a firmware which will arrive as Android or, at least in its version of presentation. Remember that it is common in Google that are present the version with an initial letter, and that a few months after announcing both the numbering and the final name of the version. What we know now is when will begin to talk about Android or official and when will what would be the first trial version.

Android 8.0 Oreo

Google I/O 2017

As usual, Google would present this new version in the Google I/o 2017, the most important event of the company this year, and which serves as a backdrop for the presentation of new versions of the operating system each course. Probably it won’t be different this 2017. The dates that the event will be held will be the 17, 18 and 19 may. Probably already the first day will be Android or.

At the same time, will be announced some of the main features that will have this version of the operating system, as well as the dates that will be available early versions of test so that developers can begin to work on your applications and your ROMs.

It would be to determine what could be the final name of this new version. Discussed at the time of Android Oreo, though this would be back to a trade name, the style of Kit Kat, and it is unclear whether that will happen or not. However, likely that not can meet it up to the month of September or October this year, when present it definitively this new version.

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