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Android N adjustable windows will not come to the current Nexus

The arrival of the adjustable windows within the MultiWindow functionality is one of those mysteries that are investigated in television: is known that there is the idea, but no one has seen it actually work in his hands (at least, that we know). The original idea of Google was that this option was the starting of Android N, but now it has been known that there are important nuances.

Information of which we speak has been known in a video that has been published on the page of Google dedicated to developers and that is part of the options that will be starting in Android N. And, the truth is that the news is not particularly positive in what refers to the adjustable windows that would allow the development of Mountain View be much more close to Windows or the own Chrome OS to modify the size of the window that is displayed each application.

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According to Ian Lake , one of the heads of Google, the arrival of the adjustable window will not be heading in the Nexus range which is currently on the market. That’s how easy and simple. And this is the reason why not has been seen – except in rare exceptions – in the different trial versions that have been released by the company (to which you will know that things that work well or that both do not). Now explains some things clear.

Then, for when?

The question is now clear, if Google has announced the arrival of the adjustable Windows – that will work in a similar way to as occurs in Remix OS – when this additive is you can see in the operating system of the Mountain View? What certain is that it is not all clear but does not indicate at any time not be in Android N when integrating this option… by which it is possible that in the new generation of the Nexus (and only these) where you can enjoy this variant of MultiWindow.

Logotipo de Android N

Whatever the case becomes that said Lake, who have a Nexus 5 X or 6 p , at least in the beginning, does not seem to enjoy the adjustable windows. The truth is that this is definitely confirmed, Google will have to explain the reasons by which this is so. Personally I think that this new functionality will not be heading to Android N, since that has been known in this respect shows that the idea is at work, but that it is still at an early stage of development.

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