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Android is the operating system most used around the world

Android is the operating system most used around the world, standing above Windows for the first time. According to StatCounter GlobalStats, Android has become the most widely used worldwide platform for Internet access. Google operating system has managed to overtake Windows in 0.2% of use: 37,93% of activity in the network is Android users while a 37,91% corresponds to a Microsoft operating system.

The use of Internet in the mobile phone continues to grow and this has benefited the operating system Android. At the end of 2016, according to StatCounter, Internet use on mobile phones and tablets exceeded for the first time to the consumer from desktop computers: 51.3% on mobile devices compared to 48.7% in computers. Now the consumption figures are translated into figures of companies and Android does, for the first time in history, as a leader.

The company StatCounter uses statistics from millions of page views on the Web to determine what devices and systems used globally. More than 2.5 million scanned web sites and more than 15,000 million monthly visits pages that make that conclusion is that Android, today, of the world’s most widely used operating system, above Windows for the first time.

Android se convierte en el sistema operativo más usado, superando a Windows

“This is a milestone in the history of technology and the end of an era”, explained CEO Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter. A milestone that marks the end of the leadership of Microsoft in the operating systems market, which were those of Bill Gates since the 1980s. But in addition, the data represent a breakthrough for Android: just five years ago, Google’s operating system had only 2.4% of the total d global Internet usage fee.

StatCounter only measures the devices connected to the Internet, so that all the computers in the world that work with Windows for a task determined without being connected to the network are excluded. In addition, Windows is still the absolute leader in laptops and desktops, but the growth of the market of mobile phones has made that computers consumption decrease and therefore also slow down the growth of Microsoft’s operating system.

Third in the ranking of StatCounter, iOS. Apple’s operating system is far from reach to Android and Windows and has only to do with 13.09% of the total number of access to the Internet, according to the company. The sale of mobile phones continues to grow and Android is positioned as a leader among mobile phones. Fight in Western markets iOS and Android is balanced, but countries like Asia, Middle East and Latin America make that Android will become the absolute leader in this rivalry.

Followed by Android, Windows and Apple, in the StatCounter ranking OS X appears with little more than 5% of the total and other operating systems such as Linux, with only a 0.75 per cent of devices equipped with this system to access the Internet.

Android se convierte en el sistema operativo más usado, superando a Windows

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