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Android 7.1 will be updated to do away with cheating in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO fever is over but is still one of the most played video game available for Android. One of the problems that has, that Yes, it is the big disadvantage that exists between users who make traps with GPS and which not. As well, an update of Android 7.1 could end this problem.

GPS Spoofing

GPS Spoofing is called, and it’s be able to virtualize our GPS position. I.e., instead of using the GPS location of your mobile phone, we say to the smartphone where we are. This function is available on Android so developers can test their applications in different locations. For example, über developers will want to prove how the app without having to move, at least in the early stages. However, in Pokémon GO scroll is essential to capture Pokemon, visit Pokeparadas, or attack gyms. Even some Pokémon are only available in certain regions. Out on the street and walking is essential, and that becomes more active people Pokémon GO players.

Pokemon GO

However, thanks to the GPS Spoofing, any user can visit a Pokeparada, or walking a kilometer after kilometer, without having to move from your home. A mobile rooted will need to do this, but it is relatively easy to get.

Some time ago that called Niantic ended with this. But it’s not finished with these players. However, it seems that soon could end by Android 7.1. And it is that a firmware update based on this new version would end the GPS Spoofing. Let’s say that continue to being able to use the simulated location, but only for apps that try to use this data. For mobile will remain two locations, the simulated and the real. Thus, if the developer of the app you want to use the simulated, you can use it. But if the developer only want the real, Sham will not be valid.

That Yes, this will not be a real solution to the current problem of Pokémon GO because there will still be many users with a mobile phone with an earlier version of the operating system.

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