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Amazon could break the market with a rival of Spotify for 5 euros per month

Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, many are already available music platforms. Those three are the more family, but there is more, released before, after, with more quality, more expensive… Although almost all have something in common, its price of 10 euros per month. Amazon could finish this by releasing a variant of its music streaming service for 5 euros a month, breaking away from the market.


When comes a great company and launches a service that breaks the market, is expected to cause an earthquake that leads to all other companies to follow in their footsteps and copy strategies and prices. That we would come very well to those users. Although we must analyze what raises Amazon to see whether we are interested or not interested. In fact, rumors say us Amazon music service would be like Spotify, though it would cost about $5 a month, and would be a key feature, is that only could be used with your devices. Suppose that this last is referred to their speakers smart, their tablets, etc. A good way to promote the purchase of one of their devices.

Spotify Premium

Is starts it war of prices, and would to where we would be?

If Amazon makes this, that can make it by the great level of the company, its capacity of negotiation, and the power allow is losing even money, Apple, Spotify and Google is would be forced to have that replicate with something similar. Their services could get off of price in Exchange for be used only in their devices. This is possible, for example, in the case of Apple Music and Google Play Music. In a case only is could use in the iPhone and in the second only in the Android. Suppose that a user of Apple may lower the cost of Apple Music to the half if all your devices are Apple. At the time of renew your mobile or tablet, if these are Android, would not be pose buy one of Apple? Same happens in reverse. If a user that has Mobile Android and iPad, and has Google Play Music, knows that can reduce the price to the half if has them two of the same system operating, not buy a tablet Android?

Apple would like to that strategy, no doubt, is very in the style of the company. It won’t so much with Google, although it could respond to Apple with something similar.

The big problem would arrive to Spotify. The company already by itself has it complicated to get pressure on part of Apple and the record companies, who are encouraged by the Apple company to try Spotify to close its free service. It was complicated with your family plan, which had to adapt to the prices of Apple. And a new competitor that downgraded the price to the half you would complicate very much the life. More than anything because Spotify could not copy to these companies. Not have tablets or mobile in the market, or speakers. They are little more than a service or platform available on many devices.

Experience, that Yes, tells us that Spotify has already survived many attacks from his rivals. Apple Music has been the strongest, but the truth is that Spotify not only has survived, but has experienced periods in which other comparáis they have surrendered, and they have accepted that Spotify had achieved success. It is the case of PlayStation Music, the platform of Sony music, which finally gave up its own platform to integrate Spotify in own consoles.

Being objective, a price war would not prejudice us users. Perhaps Yes to the music industry, which in turn could bring negative consequences in the long term also for users. No music industry, there is no music to listen to. Probably end up adapting new generations of musicians, also is true. However, I wouldn’t that Spotify users remain grace having to change platform simply by the fact that complicate you life to Spotify. Even so, it must be said that all platforms are matching very much, and that a change from one to another would not be not a great disorder in each user. Which has the most to lose here, as always, is having more users. And again, Spotify is again in danger. We will see, that Yes, if Amazon gets what he wants, if that service outside the United States, or Finally, once again, Spotify Gets the music platform gold medal in streaming.

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