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Always On AMOLED or active screen to add to your Android

Sure that you have seen on occasion the screen activates that they use some friends to view information without having to unlock the terminal in question. An example are the Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG G5. If your model does not have it, since the manufacturer does not include it by default, you can achieve this with the application Always On AMOLED, which has some virtues that other developments do not include.

This work, which you can download in the shop Play Store giving use to link three let this paragraph, is specially designed for models belonging to screen AMOLED , are those that consume less when black is the color that is displayed – as it is the case in most of the screen. That Yes, if you want to experiment with LCD devices that offers Always On AMOLED is possible.

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By the way, Always On AMOLED, a completely free job, requirements are not very high because with a model with Android 4.4 or higher and 2 MB free space. I.e., that the vast majority of phones and tablets meet him.

Simple installation and many options

The installation process is really intuitive, since it is usual for all the works that are downloaded from Play Store . It is not necessary to have a rooted model and, therefore, this is not something that is essential. Once the development is available, the first thing you need to do is give the permissions necessary so that you can access using the screen (something that is done through the use of a message that appears).

Inicio de Always On AMOLED
Always On AMOLED permisos

Always On AMOLED is full of options, as for example the place of information change from time to time to not “burn” pixels. In addition, apart from the time you can activate the possibility of Show notifications arriving at the terminal. By the way, which fits the possibility of leaving the active screen, always something that consumes energy, but that more than one might find it helpful to know always the time (for example).

Aplicación Always On AMOLED en funcionamiento

Operation as we have seen it is really good and does compatibility issues or “lag” some is added when you use it. Therefore, Always On AMOLED is an excellent choice if you wish to incorporate an active display into your smartphone if it does not include it by default, as it is the case with the most powerful Samsung.  Other applications for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support, where there are interesting options that will be useful to you.

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