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All the Chromebook from 2017, compatible with Android apps

You remember that last year we talked about Andromeda, a possible operating system joining Android and Chrome OS on one single. Google said that that wouldn’t happen. And actually it is logical if we consider that they were actually planning is that all Android applications are compatible with the Chromebook since this year 2017.

The apps Android in the Chromebook

An of them features more notable of Andromeda was the made of that would be compatible with a large amount of applications, all that already were available for Android. Indeed, the great problem of that them Chromebook not count with Android not was the made of that Chrome OS out a wrong system operating, but simply that not had with them apps that already were available for Android. However, Google does not need to launch a new system operating for solve that. Simply is going to take care of that all them Chromebook are compatible with them apps for Android from this same year 2017.


That does not mean that if you have a Chromebook you will receive an update that makes it compatible with apps, although it might be. But does not refer to that this news, but rather to the fact that from now on, all the Chromebook are launched will be compatible with applications for Android.

There are hardware problems that limit the compatibility of apps for Android in the Chromebook, but these problems will disappear with the new laptops that arrive this year with Chrome OS as an operating system. And let us not forget that they are portable that increasingly they are most interesting. Cheaper, equally useful, and each time with more options, what turns us into serious rivals for conventional laptops with Windows or macOS.

Andromeda Portada

What about Andromeda?

But then, come Andromeda? The version official of Google is that not is will launch a system operating that a both Chrome OS as Android. With that approach, is very likely that not come Andromeda this year, as it said.

The new operating system was interesting for two reasons. One of them is the of to count with the same system operating in the Chromebook that in them mobile. That now is no longer so relevant, if we can run applications for Android in computers.

However, the other reason has to do with the renewal of an operating system which, even if it is successful, could improve. We are talking about the own Android mobile and tablets. A total renovation in the operating system would have been good news, although it appears which you will not want to end branded Android, something that also makes sense. Apparently, we will continue having Android and Chrome OS for a few years.

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