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All that Google will present the 4 of October

It seemed that October 4 would be just the date that Google had chosen to present the new smartphones that will carry his signature. But it is not so. Will be much more than that. Will be one of those days more important in the history of the company. Why? What is that so important to be present? These are all the releases of Google that will arrive the 4 of October.

1-Pixel and Pixel XL

Two new Google smartphones is named Pixel and Pixel XL. Is denomination comes from the Chromebook Pixel. It was also used for the portable C Pixel, and now used in its simplest version, Pixel, for the new phones. There will be a variant of a format more large that will be the Google Pixel XL. In principle we know almost all the features of these mobile: made by Huawei, with high-level features, customization, Google, and a higher price from what was formerly the Nexus.

Google Pixel y Pixel XL

2.-Chromecast Ultra

Not know what will be the name final of this device, but it will be equal to Chromecast, with any difference key. Its design also will be similar, as explained yesterday itself. However, will highlight by count with the possibility of reproducing content in 4 K, something that, logically, only will be useful in a television that accept this resolution. Remains to know if Chromecast name continues to be used, or if you opt for something like Pixel Cast.

3.-the router from Google

Although until now Google not had released almost hardware, with the arrival of Chromecast and its great success, and them smartphones, that now count directly with your brand, as well as others plans similar to others devices, seems that have decided follow in that road with new accessories. Specifically, they would launch a new router, which reminds us of much Xiaomi router. However, this router could be designed for users from the United States Google fiber network. To not offer that service here, it may not want us. Of course, it is also possible that they may decide to launch just a router for users wanting a quality device. Finally and after all, few companies there is an important role in the world of the Internet than Google.

Chromecast Plus

4.-Daydream View

One of the innovations that have come with the latest version of the operating system, Android 7.0 Nougat, a Daydream, platform or framework that Google wants to lay the foundations for the virtual reality. Smartphones will be compatible with this platform if they have the minimum requirements is required. But in addition to launch a platform native of reality virtual for Android, Google also launch their own glasses, a Daydream View. These glasses would be better than the Cardboard that launched long ago and that wouldn’t be very there… Although we will see exactly what the level they are.

5 Andromeda

The own Hiroshi Lockheimer was which said that on October 4 is remember within 8 years, as we have mentioned a few days ago the launch of the first version of Android, precisely eight years ago. If he says this is because he hopes the launch of something as important as it was Android. And it has been rumored that it might be Andromeda, the new hybrid operating system that would combine Android and Chrome OS and that would replace with some time to these two. Andromeda would be available for smartphones, tablets and computers. And although it would not be available for use, you can Google to present it on 4 October.

Andromeda Portada

6 Nexus 7 p

And it seems that the Nexus would not die yet, and that could, at least, a last, the Nexus 7 p. It would be a tablet with a 7-inch screen made by Huawei, and highlight to be the first to have Andromeda like operating system. We don’t know much more than this, but it would certainly be a novelty on the market. It is not clear if be released already, if in fact it will only be a device for developers, who can buy to work on Andromeda, or if it will be a tablet to be released not even within a time. This is something to be confirmed on 4 October, together with Andromeda, the new operating system from Google News.

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