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AirDroid, how to connect fast smartphone and PC

Many users always have difficulties to pass data from one device Android to a PC with Windows operating system or Apple’s operating system, but this is no longer a problem thanks to the thousands of applications that exist in the store of google, which I would like to highlight today is AirDroid.

AirDriod, a good choice

Gone are the wires or insufferable and complicated applications manufacturers, with AirDroid will only need that our computer and phone are on the same Wi-fi network, a user and a password.

As we see in the picture we will have to create a user with our email and password account from the mobile APP.

The same user must put, this time in the web version of AirDroid so that the connection is perfect. In the PC version we are a simple and intuitive desktop where you can control all of our phone. Then, in the top right we find the model of our device, the version of Android and the capacity available in the internal and external storage terminal. And po last, at the bottom right can check the remaining battery and current connection type.


But what really help us in our day to day will find it on the left side of the control panel of AirDroid. Here is all the juice you can squeeze, different icons predisposed facilitate us any action, since passing images and videos to the connected computer, remove applications installed on your device, check contacts, manage our music from this device, if we want to go more there and perform other more interesting functions that you can only enjoy if we users Premium.

For the more expert

Don’t stop there, also for Advanced users there are very useful options in every day. We can project our content on the computer screen. Everything we do in our terminal will be reflected on the screen of the PC in which we are connected. If the PC is connected to a projector have the perfect tool. Something very useful for those who work projecting presentations from your mobile device.

A good solution

For all users of Android, AirDroid is almost indispensable in our drawer of applications. An application that adapts to more advanced users but also to basic users. Resolving one of the major problems as it is the synchronization of files between computer and mobile phone. No doubt the user that user satisfied the test.

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