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Add a shortcut to Google photos in your Android camera

Google photos today, is the best platform to store our photographs. Unlimited photo storage in the cloud, and across a number of built-in options to edit the image. Also a great app Gallery. Therefore, it may be very useful Add a shortcut to Google photos in your Android camera, regardless of the application that you use to make pictures.

A shortcut in your camera

Being so used Google photos, the truth is that it doesn’t have much logic we do Photo Gallery of images from your mobile phone. You can configure Google photos as the main application with which to open the photographs. However, even if we do so, we will continue to have a problem. When we use our mobile default camera, is the brand that is, a direct link to the gallery will appear in the lower corner, and in this case will be the implementation of the smartphone, not to Google photoGallery. To fix this, Google engineers included an option in the application to add a shortcut to Google photos appearing after capturing a picture with any camera app.

Google Pixel Camara Enfoca

To make the photo, appears on the screen for quick access. We can move this access fast and locate it where we want, even on access to the Gallery of our camera. Whenever we do a photo, will be shown that access fast in the place where we left it earlier.

To activate this shortcut, you will have to go to application of photos of Google, at the setting menu and look for this option.

Google photos

Google photos has become an essential application. Its functions to edit the images, as well as its automatic systems to generate videos and albums, have made it a really useful app. But even better is the fact that can store in the cloud all our photographs, provided we limit the quality of the same. Remain stored in high definition, although with some compression to take up so much space. A good way to save all the pictures we have, without losing any, and store them in a place to which we have access constantly. And this little trick is great to quickly access the Gallery of the service of photos in the Google cloud without any complications.

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