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Active verification in two steps from your Microsoft account from Android

Microsoft developments are increasingly used in terminals Android, so is not one minor issue to establish greater security when using them. This can be achieved easily with an application that the company from Redmond offers in the shop Play Store. With it, you’ll be absolutely sure that no one enter your account Microsoft.

To set this option for security in two steps they would earn in the data protection in any service of the company of which we speak, as it can be the contents in OneDrive.Se States that it is necessary to confirm from the terminal Android that is installs the application to comment to, well, perform installation and confirmation of identity of the Microsoft account. Moreover, this makes everything much simple, since codes are left aside, and simply click on verification that appears on screen, confirms the process.


The application to which we do reference calls Microsoft account , and can be downloaded using the image that we leave after this paragraph. Does not cost anything and is official, so the security at the time of use it is comprehensive. Ease of use is great and very low requirements (Android 4.0 or higher and 5.5 MB of free space). Obviously, the development works only with a Microsoft account.

WP-Appbox: Microsoft (Free, Google Play) account →

Very easy to use

This is one of the great virtues of the development of which we speak, and that is basic so that users prefer is use – since otherwise they would maintain the current system of verification and would not give the jump to own in two steps. The case is when you enter the username and password in a service of the Redmond company, is received in the Android devices a message allowing access to a screen that contains code that allows to know the validity of access and, then, you just have to press OK (or, otherwise, to deny). Simple is everything.

Acesos en dos pasos en Cuenta de Microsoft
Uso Cuenta de Microsoft

That Yes, so everything is functional first there is that confirm the Microsoft account that you want to use in development and, in addition, applications that are likely to use the settings in two steps. This is simple and just have to follow the indications appearing on screen and eln own developments. By the way, has a shipping option if you have problems, which can be accessed using a named link Having trouble.

Case is that this app for Android is the most interesting and useful, especially now that the Microsoft account is much used in this operating system already since Redmond they are increasingly services that make compatible, as Office, OneDrive e, even Skype. Other applications for the operating system of Google them you can know this Android help link.

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