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Accurate information of each app in the notifications section

If you are a user advanced of Android, or simply you’re a “geek” of the technology, probably you are of which you like know how are running all the system in your smartphone. Because if that is your case, this application you will love, because you da in all time them data of the operation of your mobile Android and of the applications in execution.

Data of the mobile in the section of applications

While this isn’t anything necessary or essential to make the phone work perfectly, can be simply want this aware of how the different systems on your mobile are working. With this application will have a notification permanent that you be informed of the State of the mobile. For example, will tell you how much memory RAM is available, and how much busy. It will tell you also the internal memory and the free. And of course, also data on the percentage of battery, how long it takes on the mobile, and long has been off the screen. In addition, and this is interesting, we can see the speed of download and upload of data both from Wi-Fi access as mobile connection, something ideal to be aware if we have a connection, or if failing any of these. This information is what gives us Mini AppInfo through permanent in the notifications section notification.

AppInfo Mini

Information of each an of the apps

But Mini AppInfo not only gives general information about the smartphone, but that what is most interesting is related that gives information about each of the applications that we have implemented. If run WhatsApp, for example, and go to the section of notifications, rather than the information general of the system, see information on WhastApp. We can see the version that we have and the RAM consumed by. We can also see how long it takes the application running. And something very relevant, see how much memory occupies the own application, how much memory occupy them data of the application, and how much memory occupies the cache.

WP-Appbox: Mini AppInfo (Free+, Google Play) →

Even, as detail additional, the application includes an icon to the bar of notifications, that we can give information on some data concrete. The free version (with advertising) gives us the option to choose to give us information about the connection speed of the network, the percentage of battery, or the RAM memory. For me, this last option is the most interesting. With the paid version, in addition to eliminating advertising, we can also add CPU and the date. An application very interesting for those users that want to be always tanto of the operation of your smartphone.

The article information accurate of each app in the section of notifications are published in AndroidAyuda.

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