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A Xiaomi Mi MIX white international could be the surprise of CES 2017

CES 2017 will be a key event for different releases in the world of smartphones this year. If already before have spoken of the possible arrival of the Honor Magic, now is the turn of the Xiaomi my MIX, that could have a launch international in a version of color white in the event that was held in United States.

Xiaomi my MIX white international

The announcement is official by Xiaomi, although it does not give specific names of any device. However, it is of an ad on a launch that will have place in the CES 2017. According to the company, we must prepare ourselves for all a “Mix”. Coincidentally, one of its latest smartphones is called Xiaomi my MIX. And obviously, from casual has nothing. Also, in the lyrics of the poster promotional appears a text that US leads to think that the smartphone will be white, and already had heard talk of a Xiaomi my MIX of color white that could get in a future. Taking in has that the CES 2017 is an event that is celebrated in United States, and uniting all them data, can speak of the launch of a Xiaomi my MIX in color white in a version international.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Blanco Creación

Official availability around the world?

This means that the mobile will be available for purchase worldwide? It need not. In fact, it would not be the first smartphone that is released in an international version. When we talk about an international version speak of an adapted to European and American networks in a precise way, and with a firmware in multiple languages, as well as with software already installed Googlemobile, and boasts its own updates OTA without having to modify us software, as currently happens with many phones of Xiaomi which are sold and which are the local Chinese version.

Xiaomi Mi MIX

Thus, an international version which could continue selling through distributors, and not direct nor officially from Europe or the United States. Clear that, nor can rule out, as every year, the option that finally Xiaomi has decided to sell its mobile officially in the West, and to this my Xiaomi MIX is going to be one of the first. However, is something of what have been talking both time and so many years, that already seems really impossible. Although is a possibility.

A Xiaomi Mi MIX white international item could be the surprise of CES 2017 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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