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80% of external batteries of Xiaomi are false

When Xiaomi launched its first smart phones, quickly said that the company was engaged in copying designs of Apple and its iPhone. However, over time Xiaomi has become one of the most copied technology companies in the world. In fact, if you buy an external battery of Xiaomi you must take into account that 80% of them are false.

Xiaomi and copies

If early Xiaomi dedicated truth or not to copy the designs of the Apple iPhone, that is something that we can never confirm. However, unless their products were sold under its own brand. And there is a big difference between copying a design or technology, or falsify it. While in the first case sell under your brand a product with the features that you announce, in the second case are selling a product that not is corresponds with the original as if outside the original.

Xiaomi Mi PowerBank

And the funny thing is that a company which has always been considered a copier, is now one of the highest affected by counterfeiting. It is what happens with external batteries. The Power Bank of Xiaomi are well known for their quality/price ratio. They not only have a great capacity, they also have a design premium, cutting-edge technologies, and high-quality construction.

For all that Xiaomi external batteries are a great option for users. But, did you know that 80% of Xiaomi external batteries are fakes? So confirmed by the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun.

It is increasingly more complicated to get an original external battery of Xiaomi. And if at least the falsifications were much cheaper, they would be a “fair” purchase. But while Xiaomi batteries are relatively economic, they are actually somewhat more faces of what would be a low-quality battery. So when we bought a fake we are paying more than it should by an external battery.

If you buy an external battery of Xiaomi, note that a large percentage are fakes. Inform you of how to distinguish an original version of a fake, and buy Xiaomi external batteries if you think that they are too cheap.

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