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8-Nokia would arrive in June with dual camera and Snapdragon 835

Four large mobile, although not top of the range, which has launched a Nokia so far in the year 2017. Four mobile for having great popularity but are not high-end smartphones. However, we have news about the new Nokia 8. The great ship logo. It is said that it would begin in June. It would have with dual camera and processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

Nokia 8

New information is now on which is going to be the great mobile high-end Nokia is going to release this year 2017. So far Nokia has been limited to launch mobile basic range and mid range. We knew that it would soon launch mobile high-end. But now we know that it will be in June when the new smartphone will arrive.

Technical characteristics that will count, include especially its dual camera, as well as the fact that the processor will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the processor’s highest level of the market.

Nokia 5

With this processor, there is no doubt that this new Nokia will be mobile high-end company this year. Therefore, we believe that it will be the new Nokia 8.

Its dual camera will reach a resolution 23 megapixel, although it must be said that you for misfortune of users it will not be a camera PureView nor a Carlz Zeiss. Microsoft acquired with the purchase of Nokia technology PureView, and Nokia has confirmed that they not use Carl Zeiss Optics in their new cameras. They are cameras of high level, but they will not highlight by no special technology, at least in what has to do with its name. Perhaps you have not developed a new technology for sis cameras. Whatever it is, it will be a dual camera.

Note that there will be two versions of its new mobile. Although the two versions will be high-priced. One can reach the 550 euros, while the other would reach the 650 euros. This Yes is the high range of Nokia, and we now know that it will land in June.

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