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7.0 Android Nougat will arrive the month coming in August

7.0 Android Nougat is already upon us. At least, that is what seems according to the latest rumors. The new version of the operating system is prepared already to arrive, and can land the month coming in August. And bearing in mind that July is already finished, this means that Android 7.0 Nougat could be a version that is released in a very short time.

7.0 Android Nougat

Although time ago we discussed Android N as a new version of the operating system, the truth is that we have not had news of its official and final release so far. All that had been said is that it would throw in the third quarter of this year 2016. And that means that it would come sometime between July 1 and September 30. However, now already is talking about a month in particular, August as the month of release of 7.0 Android Nougat. In addition to this, also said more, that the day chosen for the launch of the new version of the operating system would be on 5 August.

Android N Modo Noche

It will not reach the Nexus 5

One of the bad news that seems to be confirmed along with the rumor that arrives is that Nexus 5 would not count with the upgrade to the new version of the operating system in an official way. In reality, is not something that is remarkably innovative, because Nexus 5 has not received any of the versions of operating system test, so it was logical that it also received the final official version. However, this smartphone users had hoped that this will change with the final version. It is something that will not happen, apparently. However, it seems also clear that there will be available to other versions of this firmware very similar, or almost equal to what would become the official, who will arrive for the Nexus 5. And almost all this smartphone users know to install a Custom ROM, so this should not be a big problem.

From here, will already be waiting to know when it will be getting Android 7.0 Nougat different smartphones from different companies. It starts the same story every year.

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