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7.0 Android comes to Samsung Galaxy S7 in Spain

This morning we have raised, as well as with what appears to be the first image of press from the Samsung Galaxy S8, with the long-awaited news that Android 7.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Spain is finally a reality. In this way the thousands of holders of an S7 in our country can begin to enjoy the many innovations that integrates the operating system.

Now that finally Android 7.0 arrives at the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Spain Gets the end point to criticisms of Spanish users who complained about the late arrival of the update of Google’s operating system for mobile since many countries were already enjoying the benefits of the software weeks ago.

From the early hours of this morning the company’s many clients have begun to receive a mysterious update more than 1.5 GB in size. Finally as I could suspect is found, indeed, this was the expected confirmation that Android 7.0 arrives at the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Spain, beginning with free terminals. The update comes via OTA and if you have not yet received it is likely you skip the message in the next few hours.

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What’s new in 7.0 Android for the Samsung Galaxy S7

We’ve talked long and hard about what brings Android 7.0 to the Samsung Galaxy S7, but then we will summarize some of the main new features that come with the latest version of Android to the current flagship of the Korean firm

  • Improvements to notifications, since Android 7.0 allows you to extend the configuration options for the same taste of the user.
  • Improvements in battery.
  • Multi-tasking improved to squeezing the most the ability to work with multiple applications at the same time, without ballast performance of the terminal.
  • New features for the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 as the trapping with commands of voice, simplification of the speedy adjustments, as well as a renewal in the interface or the arrival of new gestures to handle the camera.
  • Night mode to reduce eyestrain.
  • Samsung Pass to manage passwords.

How to say, if you have not yet received the Android Samsung Galaxy S7 7.0 update in our country do not despair, because with the start of the deployment software should reach all throughout the day.

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