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6-Nokia receives Android 7.1.1 and confirms that Nokia will be very updated

Nokia has returned to the market this year 2017, and has done so with the launch of a series of smartphones with good technical characteristics and a balanced price. Now we see that the Nokia 6 is updated to a new version, Android 7.1.1, confirming so Nokia will be moving very updated.

7.1.1 Android for Nokia 6

It is likely that you still don’t have a Nokia 6, because the smartphone still not launched officially in our country, and you’ve been able to get only if you purchased through an international distributor, acquiring any of the units which have been marketed in China. However, the truth is that it is really important that the mobile phone has already received the update to Android 7.1.1 Nougat. It’s a version of firmware that is not especially innovative regarding Android 7.1 Nougat, but symbolically is determinant for the fact that confirms something that Nokia had announced, and is that their phones will receive a large number of software updates.

Nokia 6 Negro

Thanks to software updates

One of the keys for firmware of Nokia will be very up to date will be the fact that customization of software available is very limited. We can almost say that it is Android Stock, unmodified by Nokia. This facilitates a lot smartphones to new releases update, for there is no almost to propose adaptations of own software on different versions which are coming of Android, but simply move the firmware directly to each mobile phone company’s available on the market.

In this way, would be that mobile phones were more updated phones that will be available in the market, and perhaps the closest thing to what at the time were the 4 Nexus and Nexus 5; Smartphones with the latest version of software, but with a price that is balanced for the technical features which had.

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