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6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory: the grand strategy for the Galaxy S8

Samsung know that the Galaxy S8 is a smartphone that will have to fight against many challenges. Among them Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its withdrawal from the market. The mobile must include improvements, but above all, has to make sure be of high quality. And one of the novelties that we would see in the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be your memory. The RAM would come up to 6 GB, while that memory would reach the 256 GB.

Stability improvements

If there is something that provides stability to a smartphone in its operation, that is undoubtedly the memory drives have. On the one hand, the RAM says to run processes without problems, no slowdowns. Internal memory, on the other hand, is that assures us that we will be able to store data on the smartphone. How much more memory occupied, have worse runs smart phone. With 256 GB of internal memory it will be remarkably difficult to reach the limit of it, and then we will have a clearly perfect performance of the smartphone. This could be one of the keys to the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Certainly the previous Galaxy S7 are not malfunctioning, but the truth is that a guarantee of a good performance is never over, and more when it is very important that the Samsung Galaxy S8 does not have even a single problem. A maximum fluidity in the interface would be a very good thing. The RAM would reach the 6 GB, surpassing the 4 GB of the S7 Galaxy, what undoubtedly will be a remarkable improvement.

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

Major enhancements in the Samsung Galaxy S8

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S8 we will see some significant improvements with respect to their technical specifications. We could see a new camera, that will probably be dual, with which the company will try to compete with the 7 Plus of Apple iPhone. In addition to this, will also renew the processor, adopting the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and all this without the only thing. You will see a screen curve again on both ends, although this is not new, and will have to wait to see if the resolution is improved up to the 4 K or if you are staying at Quad HD. Whatever it is, it will be a screen with a high level of sharpness. The design of the smartphone could Yes change, to present us a new aspect renovated in this Samsung Galaxy S8.

Whatever it is, the smartphone would be announced in the month of February, and likely that land not in stores until March or beginning of April. It will be one of the mobile of the year coming, one of the best, and no doubt that it will become a best seller and one that most be taken into account.

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