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5G mobile, what are they? What to expect? When to buy?

The 5 G mobiles are already here. It’s smartphones featuring compatibility with what will be the new standard for mobile connection. There are already some smartphones that are announced with this connection, but are really interesting right now? What are in reality? What can we expect of them? Everything you need to know the 5 g.

5g, new mobile connectivity

Long ago that he began to speak of the 5 G, and that he began working in this new connectivity standard. It will come to replace the 4 G as it replaced the 3 g. will be in 2018 when we will begin to see the first infrastructures that will compose the 5 G networks. By 2020 this connection should already be established as a standard. But already in 2017 they begin to launch the first mobile with 5 G.

4G nueva conexión 800 MHz

Mobile 5 g

The first smart phones that come with 5G connectivity are those who integrate the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. So far are only some few as it is the case of ZTE Gigabit, and Sony Xperia XZ Premium. These mobile will be compatible with these networks when begin to become available.

What offer will us these mobile?

The name of one of these smart phones already gives us an idea on what will be what will offer us phones that have 5G connection. And is that basically we will find the possibility of reaching a speed of 1 Gbps, Gigabit per second. A rate is very high, and more if we take into account that we can reach some 300 Mbps with a high-speed fiber-optic connection. That means that with a network mobile can triple the speed that we have right now with the connections more fast that have by means of cable.

Buy now a mobile you will have within three years

Now, us why buy a mobile phone that is compatible with 5G? Because right now you will not have any utility. It will only be useful when get 5 G networks. The coming year will begin to get more processors that support these networks. For the time being will be only the high-end. Over time also the mid-range, and the basic range. But it will be more or less by the year 2020 when these networks are fully established. Perhaps for 2019, or final of 2018 if you contract with a large operator that has begun to install large infrastructures. So it will only be interesting for you to buy a mobile phone with 5 G if really you’re going to keep for three years. If it is not, mobile will also remain good, and high-level, so buy it can remain interesting, but of course the 5 G will not be a reason to buy it.

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