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5 reasons to download you Google Duo

Google Duo has reached the 5 million of downloads in Google Play, but is possible that you still not have found a reason to download you Google Duo, or that simply not believe that go to have nothing new. Good, because here is a reason by each one of them million of downloads that has got the application in the last week.

1 Megasimple

There were already other apps before they had the same functions as Google Duo. From Skype, until Facebook Messenger, passing through LINE, with all them can make video calls, but the truth is that Google Duo has something that makes it stand out above all others, and it is very simple to use. It is not anything complex or anything complicated and that greatly facilitates the use of the application. It is a kind of FaceTime. Yes, perhaps a copy, but it is precisely what Google needed.

Google Duo

2 it should be your first resource

When you need to make a video call, perhaps think about Skype, maybe think about Facebook Messenger. But won’t know exactly how these platforms to perfection. You remember your name and password in Skype? Do you know how to add new people? Do you know how to make a video call with Facebook Messenger? Unless you are already using daily these apps to make video calls, the truth is that Google Duo will make the simplest resource for users. And especially if before or after just arriving integrated in the mobile, that is something that probably will happen. You won’t have to download anything. If users have an Android mobile, they will have Google account, and you can call them by Google Duo. Them five million of downloads that the app already has confirm the good reception, and is going to use a lot.

3. your contacts are waiting to meet you

So someone can call you by means of Google Duo, have to have Google Duo, so you must download the application. Is simple, when your contacts come to look to see who has Google Duo, you only appear if already have downloaded the app. So if want to contribute to your friends you call by video call, download you it already and use it.

4 cross-platform

To the simplicity of FaceTime, there is that add you something that does not has this application of Apple, that is the made of be available also in the platform rival, iOS. Not only the users of Android can use Google Duo, but also which have an iPhone, and from the same form simple. It is true that you won’t never reinstalled on the iPhone, but even so it is not complicated download and activate it.

5.-a quality that convinces

If there is something that I don’t like the video calling is that rarely have a constant quality and a correct operation of a stable. But that itself takes place with Google Duo. After have it tested to make video calls, am very happy with its operation, and with the stability of them calls, something that I love. He made of that is an app thought specifically for that I ago think that their operation has that be good, something that not has why occur thus in apps that have many more functions.

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