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5 key to know Andromeda, the system operating that joined Android and Chrome OS

More than 8 years ago was announced the first version of Android. However, the operating system may be coming to the end of his life as we know it. The merger between this and Chrome OS could produce is very soon, and the result would be Andromeda, a new system operating. But, how is this? Here are 5 keys that you need to know to know Andromeda.

1.-What is Andromeda?

Andromeda will be a system operating as it is today Android. But unlike Android, it will be available both for smartphones and tablets and computer. In other words, it will be a common operating system. Already at the time he spoke of a possible merger of Chrome OS with Android. He also spoke of the absorption of Chrome OS from Android. And even you spoke of the development of a new system operating for mobile, tablets and computers. As well, seems that this last option is that more is coming to the reality. Andromeda will be what will be installed on smartphones, tablets and computers that come with Google’s system since the end of the coming year.

Andromeda Portada

2.-in what devices will be available?

We don’t talk about smartphones, tablets and computers, that is something that we already know. What we mean with that question is to this generation what devices can count on Andromeda like operating system. According to the first data that we have known, the devices will have to be able to overcome a score of 8 on some sort of proof that Google could be. A Nexus 9, for example, is able to obtain an 8.8. A Pixel C, or smartphones with the latest processor from Qualcomm, nor would have problems to run this new operating system. From here, we can say that many of them mobile of new generation that is are launching now could install this new version. This is perfect because the new version will be the year that comes. And then we could already install it on many mobile. Provided that, clearly, manufacturers work to adapt this version, something that is not so clear.

3.-will be a system operating more advanced

It is a no-brainer, but in any case it should be noted it. Andromeda will require more resources than Android. Actually is logical if we have in features that will be a system operating that is could run both in smartphones as in computers. However, this confirms that it will also be an operating system more advanced, and with more capabilities. Mobile basic range perhaps not to run it. Although perhaps to bring us the arrival of Andromeda is that manufacturers have to launch mobile something better to run this operating system. Today it is not so complex to find mobile high-end with affordable prices. For the coming year, that would be even simpler.


4 launch

With regard to the launch of this new version of the operating system, it seems that Andromeda could be presented on 4 October. We know this because it was the Vice President of Google which published a tweet a few days ago saying that eight years had been submitted the first version of Android, and I had the feeling that within 8 years would speak of October 4. On the same day will present the new mobile Pixel Google, Chromecast Plus, a Google Router and some other device company. Alongside these, could also announce Andromeda. However, it is believed that the first device with this operating system would not until the third quarter of the coming year, in the form of Pixel 3, a laptop that would relieve the previous Chromebook. Thus, still would have to wait a year for this operating system land. Its release now would have as objective that developers can begin to work on it.

5. What rival Windows and macOS?

Now, what remains to be seen is whether this operating system will be rival Windows and macOS. It is clear that Google has had much success with Android as a rival of iOS and Windows Phone. However, Chrome OS in the world of computers has not been very successful. This could change with Andromeda. If Google well oriented it towards computers, and not only to mobile devices, it is possible that capture many users, and more now that Windows seems to have a downturn after looking that you no longer have many innovations for the future. Andromeda might seem novel and the next step in the world of computers and operating systems, and probably that is what they want to achieve in Google, and what they should fear in Windows. Moreover, macOS also would receive a strong enough to rival, but they would still be your domain thanks to Apple users. Even so, Google knows that the large share of users who can win is in Windows users.

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