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5 innovations that we will see in the 2017 mobiles

The moving of the 2017 are by begin to arrive. Makes some days speak on them features innovative that had seen in the mobile of the year 2016. It is now time to talk about what we expected in 2017. And these are the major innovations that we will see this year.

Flexible screens

First of all we have the flexible screens. Take at least two years being rumoreadas in the specialized media. Mainly, is Samsung which has gone to launch their mobile with screen flexible on multiple occasions. First in 2015, then in 2016, now in 2017. Will you release it this year? Can that itself, as already seemed very likely, but the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could lead to the company to not risk.

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

Without bevels

Them mobile with screen without bevels also could be a reality in the 2017. A moment, do not have they been in 2016? As no. That that have been named as screen without bevels not is real. For starters, almost none is completely without bevels. Perhaps only the Xiaomi my MIX is about, although neither it is entirely. A mobile without bevels of truth, it is truth. And it may in 2017 does see some manufacturer launch one as well.

Fingerprint readers built into the glass

It seemed that they were going to arrive in 2016, but they have not done so. We talked about the readers of fingerprint that in fact it seems that they are not present. I.e., those that are integrated in the mobile, and do not require a physical button. They may be behind the screen, even occupying the entire surface of the screen, that would be great. It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would eliminate your Home button to integrate optical fingerprint reader. Is it the first?

8 GB RAM memory

I had a computer makes not so much having a RAM with half capacity than RAM memories are rumored for this year 2017. There will be, and this is completely safe, 8 GB RAM memory units. There are these units, but still not integrated in a mobile phone. They will be safe. Will it be useful? That is another issue. In principle, we work so that these memory units are actually useful, but will see if they finally succeed.

Lector huellas Galaxy C7


Finally, it seems to be the year of the intelligent assistants. Yes, that software that have installed in mobile which we can ask questions, give us answers, and that is even capable of helping us to locate the app that we need and the information that we want to see. Those attending smart exist, as Siri and Google Assistant. But this latter still not in Spanish. We hope that you can see this year. Also Bixby, of Samsung, promises much.

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