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4 reasons why your mobile should count with USB Type-C

Are you going to buy a new mobile phone? If so, then you should consider that one of the characteristics that you should keep in mind is that your connector is USB Type-C. Why? Because each time will be most relevant and increasingly will have additional functions. Here’s 4 reasons that your mobile phone should have with USB Type-C.

Load faster

The first thing to keep in mind is that the USB Type-C offers advantages of connection with respect to the standard microUSB connector. It provides a faster charging and also a superior file transfer speed. All this translates into advantages when loading the mobile battery, because we will be able to load it in less time. Today there is the fast charge for microUSB, but the truth is that they will be arriving boots more advanced only compatible with mobile with USB Type-C.

USB Type-C


It is not the only advantage, also is the factor of the HDMI. The USB Type-C can be used as a video output connector, a miniHDMI-style. In fact, it has exactly the same function. This means that a mobile phone with a USB Type-C connector can be easily connected to an external display without too many complications. It is an advantage to take into account.


Each time there are more mobile with USB Type-C, and some of them dispense of the connector jack because is can use the USB Type-C as a takes of audio for headphones. Special digital headphones, logically. However, over time it can that they begin to be more common than the standard. If that happens, you won’t be one of those users who still still looking for some of the few headphone socket jack that still lagging the market, isn’t it?

USB Type-C

There are adapters

Of course, that you may see windows with a microUSB. One of them is that you have many cables, or even that you have accessories that are connected by microUSB. You may think that acquiring a mobile with Type-C means renouncing all this. But it is not so. There are adapters, and very cheap, to microUSB, USB Type-C so that will not be a problem in itself.

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