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4 keys to save money when buying a mobile phone

For some users, buying a mobile phone is something that is done every three or four years. Or at least what they think, because the reality is that they have to buy one every two, or even every year. Whatever it is, we all have to buy a mobile phone, and it is not easy to choose it. Here are 4 keys to save money to buy a mobile phone.

1 it is better to buy a mobile free

We are at time of sale. That means that we can buy a suit at a price of 35 euros. Costumes in season we will find for 120 euros. It is when you buy it. You can that you think you have clothing, but do remember that wedding you have in April? Then you’ll want a new outfit, there will be no sales and you’ll spend three times. Therefore, you should buy now. Same happens with mobile phones. Don’t wait to make your phone useless to buy a new one. If this happens, you will go to your operator, will look at their offerings, and choose who can afford, and here you’re always choosing evil. They tend to be mobile with already many months in the market, its price is not the most economical, and with things that you pay in instalments it seems an easy pay mobile, but you’ll be paying more than worth.

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The ideal is that you buy a free mobile, at a time of the year you have money available, and when you have time to spare to compare and choose the best mobile phone that you want to buy. As well as compare to where is the best price.

2. do not buy the most expensive

You should not buy the most expensive. An error that many users fall is the believe that buying a mobile 600 euros will end up saving money, because in reality that mobile is going to last for many more years than a cheaper mobile phone. Clear error. Users get tired of your mobile phone in less than two years. If it is not, chances are that technological Mobile has been outdated by poor memory, for not being able to run new versions of the operating system, etc. If you spend 600, 700 or 800 euros on a mobile, you’re going to tire just as it within a year and a half. My recommendation is that you do not buy the most expensive.

3 buy a mobile that you can change every little time

As advances the market of smartphones, news for the mobile have launched within 6 months. We now talk about the dual cameras, soon perhaps flexible mobile. You can see mobile with dual front cameras, or that bevels should be removed completely. Many can be innovations that can be reached in just one year. And you thought that your mobile 800 euros could improve. Today you have mobile with 4 GB of RAM with 5.5-inch screens, reader of fingerprint and designs of high level, for very little money. By 150 euros can get you. The good thing about buying a mobile so instead of buying a mobile 600 euros, is that you can change four times to the year.

4 sell your mobile

Something that many users do not do is sell your previous mobile. If you’re going to give someone in your family, and you will give, then it is logical. But if you’re going to save if at some point you’re going to need again, you are only losing money. It is likely that do not ever to never use. And every day that passes the mobile will be worth less. The ideal is that in how you start to have the idea of changing mobile try to sell the current. Many times you will receive offers or options to sell it before you have decided what new mobile to buy, and it will be ideal, because if the first you buy, and then you sell, the mobile will have lost something of value. Know exactly how you can sell it before buying new mobile, can be key to decide for one or another smartphone.

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