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4 features to look for in mobile this 2016 if want a really updated mobile

2016 arrives with news of this generation smartphones. Or if not with special developments, at least if some features that have become standard on the market today. These are the 4 characteristics you should look for in mobile new generation, provided it is possible to get a smartphone that has all of them.


After the NFC has first been dismissed as a technology of the future, and that finally has finished becoming the best choice for mobile payments, it seems that definitely has established as a standard in the world of smartphones. Mobile phones, at least the West, already include almost all this NFC technology, except those that are very very cheap. You can already pay from different applications that banks have available. But that time will come platforms cone Android Pay popularizarán mobile payments and become much more common. In not too long we will have forgotten what is to pay in cash.

Samsung Pay Portada

Fingerprint reader

Next to the former property should perhaps emphasize the fingerprint reader. In addition to being very useful to easily unlock the screen of our smart phone, it is the best way to quickly identify when making a payment. It is clear that it will be the key to perform payments confirming that it is an authorized payment, through our fingerprint. Clearly, not all smartphones have readers fingerprint of the same level and quality. Some are faster and more efficient, while others are of poorer quality. In any case, becomes essential.

Load fast

If you want to have a mobile phone that is truly a mobile this year 2016, you need that your mobile has quick charging. It is not so essential that the smartphone has a large battery like the fact that by connecting it to the mains for half an hour we have a large percentage of battery already loaded. Fast charging is now available for many smartphones, both those who have with Qualcomm processor as those who have a MediaTek processor, so it isn’t anything complicated that whatever smartphone we have bought has a compatible with fast charging technology. That Yes, it is possible that the charger included that isn’t compatible with the burden of this type, so you may have to buy a different charger to use this technology. Non-loaders very expensive, and you can buy a charger with several sockets to load several different technologies of fast charge smartphones for a little less than 15 euros.

Moto G4 Camara

Decent camera

Finally, I believe that it is time to find a quality camera on your smartphone. It is not a feature that would have highlighted other years. But today it is very easy to find a smartphone that has a camera of a relative quality. If we talk about mobile as the Moto G4 Plus we’re talking about mobile with a camera already of high quality. But it doesn’t even have to be that. Simply with a camera of which we read good opinions according to the relation quality/price of the smartphone, will already be a good choice. Both the world of photography as social networking is becoming so are mobile cameras, and the ability to get a good picture with a smartphone and edit from a Smartphone. Why highlight the camera as something important. All without forgetting an aspect, to expand the memory via a microSD card that stores photos and videos. If not, fill the memory in a very short time. This is also key.

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