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4 Android features you won’t find on the iPhone 7

Do you think that the iPhone 7 will be the phone of the year? I don’t think so. It is clear that Apple needs to make a small revolution with your smartphone, but is also very clear that there are new will not arrive in the new smartphone of Cupertino company. Specifically, here are 4 characteristics that you will lose if you buy an iPhone 7.

Curved screen

They say that Apple is working on a curved screen at both ends for the new iPhone from 2017. That is great if not for the fact that still have not released even the iPhone this year 2016. That means that a technology that we already see on mobile phones that they were launched for quite some time, as it is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S6, reach the iPhone the coming year. And meanwhile, the users who want to buy an iPhone 7 will have to buy it knowing that this feature present in some Samsung Mobile will be present in the following mobile company. A nice way of spending 800 euros on a mobile that will be, probably, according to the company, the mobile more revolutionary that have never, released also in terms of design. I have not very clear.

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Mobile payments

Although this curved screen is something that is only one of some mobile phones with Android, not of all. The case of mobile payments is perhaps most common. Today almost any mobile phone with NFC can make mobile payments using any of the services that banks have available. That is not possible with the iPhone. And it is not because it has no NFC. It’s because Apple just Apple Pay all mobile payment services. Other apps can not be used to make mobile payments, so it will depend on when Apple wants to launch the service payments in Spain. And it seems that it will be very soon. Only if they wanted to compete with Samsung would exist that option, but still we will continue depending on Apple Pay, apps may not use the NFC to make payments, so it not depend on banks, which would be much faster than the company itself. Meanwhile, the cheapest Android with NFC mobile already allows to pay with this in different stores.

Interface customization

I still remember that the first iPhones had a black screen background which could not be changed. When the firmware update that already came with the possibility of changing the wallpaper, I changed it by one white and I thought it was a novelty. Today talk about personalization in a Mobile Android is talk of many possibilities. In fact, there are many phones that include the possibility of installing themes full of colors and design for the menus, icons, wallpapers, sounds… But that doesn’t happen on the iPhone. It still has its interface, very similar to the iPhone first, with all the icons on screen, no widgets. That Yes, thank goodness that you can change the wallpaper, at least. Anyway, if you want a truly customizable mobile, iPhone 7 will not be the best choice.

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Memory card

The memory card has become an essential element now that mobile phones have increasingly greater capacity. And it is that cameras more and more resolution that are coming to mobile phones, photos increasingly occupy more videos too, and the internal memories of mobile phones cannot be so high-capacity. To expand these memories with a memory card is something great, especially if we take into account buy a mobile phone with a higher capacity often lead to perform a very remarkable disbursement. However, if you have a Xiaomi Redmi 3 you can expand the memory of your mobile phone with a microSD, although the mobile costs about 100 euros, but if you have an iPhone 7, you won’t be able, by lots of money it costs. Your camera will be better, but little you will be if every few weeks you have to be to uninstall applications and erasing photos and videos.

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